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Cidade Verde - Our Initiative

Cidade Verde - Our Initiative

Giving Back - One Tree at a Time 

Last year, we ended with commemorating our first 100 customers who supported our journey from the start of 2020. Across the state of São Paulo, in a small city of about 21,000 habitants, our brand left a mark in a secluded area. A new purpose was born. We felt that as a vegan brand that puts out products, we must also give back to Mother Nature; by planting native trees. 


(Type of trees planted: Yellow Ipe, Purple Ipe, Brazilian Wood, White Ipe, Jacaranda Mimosifolia, Jambo Rosa, Reseda, Giant Reseda, Blackberry, Pink Ipe)


With the support of the city mayor and his council committee, we launched "Cidade Verde," an initiative to motivate other small businesses to dedicate a small part of their revenue to make their city greener. So, why did we choose Brazil? As native South Americans and long-gone ex-pats, it only made sense to return to our roots somehow. 

Jvolpiani Cuidade Verde Planting Trees in Brazil.

Thanks to our first launch, we are incredibly proud that this initiative started. It was a rewarding experience and marked the beginning of a new conscientious era of purposeful buying. 

We want all our future supporters to feel connected with giving back - and long connections to clean and meaningful businesses.

Jvolpiani Cuidade Verde Planting Trees in Brazil.

(May 26, 2022 - Cidade Verde invites local kindergarden to help plant native trees)

So what comes next? While our patent is pending and working on design plans, we are deciding to launch a non-tech yet secure handbag for everyday wear. As many of you know, we're not a fan of calling anything "anti-theft" because no company can prevent the inevitable. However, we aim to create simple, safe bags you can take anywhere your heart desires without fearing someone invading your privacy.

Stay tuned as we're back for more. And this time, in small batches, contained and with a bigger purpose. 

For questions, feel free to reach out to us.

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