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Self-Love in the Times of COVID-19

Self-Love in the Times of COVID-19

Like the rest of us, you are probably feeling a little cabin feverish at this point. And while we can all agree we should fight for a refund on all of 2020, there’s nothing else we can do than investing our time to connect with ourselves and others. If we think where we were a year or two ago, we were all wondering when we would get our next break, well it seems like the universe responded. Ohh and it heard us, loud and clear alright. Now after having to experience a universal quarantine, there seems to be a collective longing for human interactions and inner-self connection.

Whether you live alone, with a partner or with a furry friend, here are a few tips to help you feel more connected, or as we call it “self-love in the Times of Covid-19”.

Facetime with Family and Friends

There’s nothing better than seeing your folks in real-time. Try making events around these conversations, whether you are cooking, cleaning or exercising, FaceTime a loved one to join you while you are in full action. Make dinner together, invite a friend for a virtual happy hour or do a full session on stretching. We know all of us are spending way too much time sitting, so invite others to get off their seats!

Celebrate a birthday or a fun occasion on the HouseParty App

We recently came across this app from all the fuzz on Vogue, you can host up to 8 people in a virtual ‘house’, play games and participate in a hosted event. Since we are all having to miss birthdays and other events, we can bring people together on a play-date, come up with a party-theme, get dressed up and sign-in!

Master the Art of Cooking

Spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon nailing a really hard recipe. Go all Julia Child style. Pull out a beef bourguignon recipe, master it and then challenge a friend. Here are 15 Difficult Recipes to master by the Food Network if you are looking for ideas. It covers Paellas to Salt-Crusted Fish, to Macarons and Bernaise sauce. Even if you are a really good cook, there’s nothing better than impressing yourself after having spent 3-4 hours in the kitchen!

Start a Book Club

We should all be reading more anyway, why not use this time to get a friend or two and read a classic or a 2020 top editor’s pick? Agree on a time-frame, chapters to discuss, sit with your favorite drink and discuss!

Take a Free Online Class!

There a number of cheap or free online courses being offered right now. There’s no better feeling than having to use our time to expand and grow, even if we are not having to master a subject, you’ll feel rewarded afterward. Here’s a list of 20 Free Online Certification Courses you can browse and choose from.

Start a Ritual

Maintaining good mental health starts within. Set a time in the day where you block time for yourself. Whether it’s 30 minutes of meditation, stretching, taking a bubble bath, yoga or ecstatic dancing, use this time to be anything but about what’s happening around you and the things you can’t control. We are not saying take a 30-minute floral bath every day but finding time within the week to be all about your inner-wellness. Balance is key.

Start Journaling your Dreams and Future Aspirations

If you haven’t done a 2020 goals list, this is the time to start one. If you have, this is also the time to revisit them. Everything will be back to normal before we know it, we will feel much rested (for those who are in the health and public service, we THANK YOU), eager to explore the world and get back on our feet. So what will change then? List the places you’d like to explore at the end of this year, revisit goals you’d put behind and get to it!

Quick dreamer tip: when you write your goals, make sure you feel them come alive!

With a year in the making, design modifications and prototypes we are finally starting to see JVOLPIANI become a reality. Thank you for being part of our journey!

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