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The Evolution of Anti-Theft Bags

The Evolution of Anti-Theft Bags

Have any of you heard of a friend getting pickpocketed in Europe or even in your own home city? This was the case for our founder, JVOLPIANI.

How It All Started

She was settling down in her new home city of Paris about to start her version of “la vie en rose”. It was Thanksgiving Day, and although this day is not celebrated in Europe - it was still special for her. But things quickly turned when she got into a semi-empty metro car and noticed within seconds that her smartphone was missing.

The bag was in front of her and so was her husband; and out went all the loving memories she had saved on her phone from her wedding day and travels. To this day, it is fascinating to learn how easy it was to steal a smartphone from a small clutch crossbody bag. The truth is, this wasn’t even the first time she got something stolen out of her bag; it was the third!

Sadly, many of these thefts go unnoticed by public officials because not all of them get reported. We knew that in order to prevent more pickpockets, we needed a product that integrates with technology, not just another generic anti-theft bag.

How We Are Upgrading Anti-Theft Bags

JVOLPIANI was created as a product of evolution - a product that truly honors its purpose of keeping your valuables safe. This is done with the use of biometric technology which is seen on many of our smart tech devices. We created the term “tech-fashion” because we don’t necessarily consider ourselves another fashion brand. It was established to give a double-meaning to our product; one that is based on style, functionality and gives you confidence wherever life takes you.

If you are curious about how pickpockets work, you can read here. We hope you don’t have to experience a bad moment during your travels, work conferences, or even night out with friends. Our bag was created for women who have an open mind about evolving, who loves to travel, speak to strangers but is also very conscious and likes her privacy.

We hope you evolve with us - this is only the beginning!

~Live Freely

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