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The Perfect (Smart) Travel Accessory

The Perfect (Smart) Travel Accessory

Traveling with a SmartBag

Last month we took our Jvolpiani SmartBag on an international trip. Finally, after almost eight months under France’s national lockdown, we were able to enjoy quality time in the US and Mexico with friends and family. We took our SmartBag to three different airports and successfully passed airport security, so let’s begin.


Safety in the Air

One of our biggest worries was leaving our bag unattended, not out of fear that someone would steal our belongings but perhaps sneak into our bag. The number of thefts in airplanes is low, but they do occur. Most of us carry local currency or expensive headphones and technology to keep us entertained for long hours until our arrival. 

Post-SmartBag revolution, we left our Jvolpiani unattended on the airplane seat while we got up to stretch our legs and went to the restroom. Our belongings were tightly secured and could only be accessed by us. Nonetheless, we still take precautions when we travel and try not to flash or display any of our valuables. For more information on how to stay safe on the air, check out this article from The Points Guy.


From casual to formal

On our way to Mexico, we packed for leisure and also our friend’s Indian wedding. As a bridesmaid, I needed to take extra shoes and evening reception dresses because it was a four-day event. Packing extra bags for each event was not an option.

When we first designed our SmartBag, we ensured it would endure the hustle and bustle of city life and be versatile enough to mix and match with formal and casual wear. We experimented with different looks by dressing up and down; going to the beach and wedding reception were two of our favorite styles. 


The Perfect Travel Companion 

From beach bonfires to hot and sticky long-day tours in Yucatan, our SmartBag followed us on the journey. We ensured it was charged in the morning of a long event and kept its micro-USB cable in the back pocket if needed. 


The best part of it did not have to use our hotel room safe box. Again, theft could happen anywhere, but having a SmartBag just meant we had more freedom to relax at the beach or stay on our patio when our room was cleaned and looked after. It’s the small things that give you pleasure and a sense of security that count.


Where are you heading next? 

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