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How to Travel Safely in 2021


Last summer, the global pandemic redefined the way we travel. People were forced to reconsider where to go, or even not travel at all. Today, we need to consider how to get there and take necessary safety precautions while in transit. While globetrotting may not look the same this year, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy a getaway while protecting ourselves from unexpected surprises.

Discover your city

Try to keep it simple. If there is anything that Coronavirus taught us during confinement was to embrace stillness. Many of us were succumbed to traveling within a 100km radius for most of 2020. Taking road trips to visit family members or escaping to a little Airbnbs in the middle of the forest is still very much recommended this year. There is plenty of beauty to discover in our cities - we just have to learn to look carefully. Look for historical places or businesses that you’d love to support; perhaps you’ll discover hidden gems you can later write about on your Instagram.

Tips to consider while taking a road trip:

  • Keep your distance when you are close to others and wear your mask.
  • Avoid peak times like leaving on weekends.
  • Bring snacks and food to avoid stopping on the road.
  • Pack plenty of hand sanitizer when you need to use public restrooms or gas stations.

Where to stay

We noticed an increase in Airbnb deals as an unfortunate result of the pandemic. Many small property owners have been forced to reduce their rates or even deal with vacancies. As a result, we have found significant deals available. We recommend Staycation for weekend getaways or 24-hour escapes. You’ll find deals that offer five-star hotels with room service included. We stayed at the magnificent Le Roch Hotel & Spa in Paris for a night. The package included one hour access to their pool, plus a Michelin chef dinner and breakfast served in-room. Staying in hotels with good quality air conditioning and proper filtration systems are good options. You can always opt-out to stay in hotels with natural airflow or even have a balcony or terrace. Always wash your hands, and avoid touching your face — especially mouth and eyes — you won’t be at significant risk.

What to know about flying

We are starting to see airlines adjusting to life after the pandemic. Always check if your airline has measures in place to protect you from the virus - such as social distances and enforcing mask wear. In general, airlines need to abide by standards and regulations regarding air circulation and HEPA filters. Therefore, airborne transmission of viruses is rare - however, social distancing is difficult on airplanes, so avoid touching your face and keep your mask on at all times. Consider double masking, such as wearing a medical procedure mask and a cloth mask on top when you are on the aircraft.

Tips on flying

  • Avoid layovers if you can. Longer transit times more exposure to the virus.
  • Check your government website to check if you are even allowed to travel to other countries - some still have heavy restrictions on who can come in and out.
  • Be cautious at the airport. The time you spend in an airport during check-in, security checks, boarding, and baggage retrieval may well be riskier than the actual flight itself, so don ’t forget about taking precautions at all times.

Get outside more often

If your country has not opened up borders for any reason, try to get outside for fresh air. Open your window, air out your house, sit by a window or your terrace to read a book. Go out for long walks to get in your daily steps, anything to simply get your mind off the pandemic. This too shall pass.

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