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What is Fashion-Tech?


Technology fashion or fashion-tech refers to the usability or incorporation of technology in everyday fashion wear. It could also mean using AI to enhance customers' shopping experience, analyze data, boost sales, forecast trends and offer inventory-related guidance.

More recently, the increase of digital use and social media has pushed many designers and brands to embrace the latest technologies to improve practices across manufacturing, production, marketing, and most recently, paving a new way for wearable technology.

The Tech Movement

The fashion industry is estimated at $1.5 trillion per year and often responsible for unsustainable practices. The rising concerns on fair wages, pollution, and the need to satisfy today’s hyper-connected consumers have opened doors to new exciting technologies. At Jvolpiani, we believe that to evolve, we must choose future-forward practices aligned with our vision and work with sustainable materials that are safer for the environment.

We launched Jvolpiani in 2021 to bring a new world of wearable safe handbags through the use of biometric technology. Why? Because most “anti-theft” bags available in the market offer simple safety features that are easily compromised. We also get the casual “so, what’s the point if anyone can just steal the whole thing?”. The truth is, no company can protect you from the inevitable event of theft.

However, we can equip you with the best security system or tech gadget needed to protect you against it. In our case, we have stepped into the world of fashion-tech by incorporating technology to help an accessory do its job. We stayed away from safety clips and zippers as the main access point and provided a true non-access system only you can activate.

Why Jvolpiani?

We have created a single access point to everything you need in a matter of seconds. We believe in guarding our privacy - when we choose to. If you’d like to turn on and off the biometric feature, you may do so whenever it’s most convenient to you. Our goal is to provide our customer’s the choice of deciding who enters their personal space or not, whether they find themselves in crowded places, traveling, at an airport, airplane, hotel, etc. Or, in most recent requests, unauthorized access by people close to them.

We are just at the cusp of redefining tech wearables, and Jvolpiani is ready to introduce what it means to incorporate technology into an everyday handbag. We believe a future not far from today; we will be charging what we put on to walk out the door every day.


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