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Why SmartBags Are Here To Stay

Why SmartBags Are Here To Stay

Increase in Travel

Did you know that the International Air Transport Association predicts 8.2 billion air travelers by 2037? That means that the number of people traveling will surpass the actual number of people in our global population. What does this mean for us? We will see an increase in tourism, with millions of people visiting or relocating to new cities.

This might not seem like an actual reality due to our current pandemic; however, the aviation industry will be among the first to open, allowing for an exponential amount of travel every year. And as many of us know, with increase in globalization comes an increase in organized crimes, so governments and businesses alike will need to make adjustments. There are an estimated 400,000 pickpocket thefts that happen every day. However, most of these statistics are skewed as many of these thefts go unreported.

Time to Evolve

There are smartwatches, smart health bracelets, smartphones, smart sunglasses, but no company had ever claimed a true Smart Bag. Why is it that the single most used accessory lacked a security metric? It was certainly time for an upgrade.

For those who have experienced pickpockets, the downside is having to spend 3-4 hours salvaging everything that was stolen. Such as calling your banks, remotely locking your smartphones, and waiting weeks for your new passports or licenses to arrive. It’s wasted time, but there’s a way to help prevent these thefts - and that is our intention with the first edition Vault SmartBag by JVOLPIANI.

Live and Travel With Freedom

We are inspired by women who are free-spirited and responsible, the ones who love to travel and stay ahead of the game. The ones who aren't too afraid to speak to strangers, but this could become a challenge if we find ourselves in unfamiliar places. We designed JVOLPIANI with complete functionality and just the right amount of technology - to keep you living with freedom, wherever you go.

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