SmartLock Instructions


  • Do not tamper with the SmartLock until you are ready to register your finger.
  • Charge your SmartLock for at least 2 hours.
  • Please do not add pressure on the fingerprint padlock. It will recognize your fingerprint by placing it gently.


SmartBag Registration Steps:

Before starting, open the SmartLock using any finger. For easier access, we recommend registering either your thumb or index finger.

Step #1:

Hold your admin finger for 4 seconds until a solid blue light appears, then release your finger.

Step #2:

Tap your finger gently 5 times, slowly counting one second apart. A blue and green light will flash each time your finger was captured correctly. 

Step #3:

Test other fingers to ensure non-access. If a red light flashed too many times during step #2, please start over.


Registering a second fingerprint (optional)

Repeat step #1. After the solid blue light appears. Repeat step #2 with your new finger.


Resetting the SmartLock (required for returns)

Hold your admin finger for 10 seconds until a red light appears then release. A blue light will quickly appear, tap once again until it turns green. Any fingerprint should now open your SmartBag.


Please contact hello@jvolpiani.com if you have any questions or would like to schedule a one-on-one video troubleshoot session. 

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